There are emotions which defy most of the attempts to imprison them. The only way to follow these emotions, to show them to the world, is the pursuit of new sounds and atmospheres and Paolo Pagnani spent his whole career following this way, as a composer and musician. During these years the Neapolitan composer gave birth to a multimedia show, at first called "Ivresse d'Amour", which debuted in Naples in 1984 with a brand new name: "Sephiroth"; this show gave life to the eponymous band, whose performances included the use of scenic actions and multimedia equipment. The Sephiroth released the album "Ishtar" in 1990 and ended their musical activity four years later. The dissolution of the Sephiroth was, in Pagnani's artistic life, the first step in the transition from electronic to piano music, and the beginning of two parallel careers: one as a soloist, one as a soundtrack composer.

In his journey to the discovery of his own emotions and interiority, Pagnani had two companions: the filmmakers Carlo Luglio and Samantha Casella. His first soundtrack dates back to 2001: it was composed for "Capo Nord", a movie directed by Carlo Luglio (who also worked on the plot and screenplay) which was released in theaters in March 2003. Another one was made for Luglio's short film "Piano-Forte", in 2009. The collaboration with the writer, director and writer Samantha Casella for the short film Iris, gave Pagnani the chance to win the "Best Soundtrack Award" at the Short film Festival in Mola in 2004, while in 2006, the musician composed the music for "Giro di Giostra", a movie presented in the same year at the Venice Film Meeting during the Venice International Film Festival. For the same director, Pagnani created in 2009-2010 the soundtracks for the documentaries "Dai secoli del fuoco e del disegno", "Solida Imago" and "Via Crucis-Pantheon" (dedicated to the artist Federico Severino), for the spot "Fiori e Dolcezze", and for the short film "Agape".

Remarkable the collaboration with the young Vincenzo De Sio, for which Pagnani composed the soundtrack for the short film "Amar Luna" in 2007, winner of the awards for best direction and best screenplay in the celebrations of the Columbus Day. In 2009, Pagnani gathered his creations and released "Tempo Immaginato" an album which includes the soundtracks for "Capo Nord" and "Giro di Giostra", together with other significant compositions, such as those in the advertisement for Pirelli Re (entitled Pire) and above-mentioned theme of Amar Luna, conveniently rearranged. "Tempo Immaginato" is Pagnani's signature to his journey in search of unique emotions: a journey that, despite its intensity, it's just started!